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Cherry’s relationship with Maggie Flanigan began when she received her MFA in acting from Rutgers University, Mason Gross School Of The Arts where Maggie and Bill Esper trained her in the Meisner Technique. The Rest is history. As a teacher and private acting coach, Cherry aims to nurture simplicity in her students’ approach to acting by guiding them to step into their characters and illuminate their humanity. Cherry is one of the few Black women who has trained under the guidance of a Master Acting teacher in the Meisner Technique and continues to work with Charlie Sandlan cultivating Maggie Flanigan Studio into the most respected acting studio in New York City.

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Private Acting Coach


" Cherry is a fantastic coach, mentor and friend. She provides me with amazing insight and direction into each scene and character which allows me to dig deeper into the material and bring out the best performance. With her guidance and encouragement I have become a more fearless and confident actor. The work we have done together has helped me land representation at Prestige Management and book roles on Unforgettable and Blue Bloods. Industry casting directors have also been very impressedwith the level of my work. She is a great coach for any actor looking to grow and develop as an artist."    

 -Brian Edwards

"I've been to a lot of really, really good acting coaches in the city.  Cherry is one of the best.  She has this uncanny ability.  Her intuition is insane.  She gets you.  She cuts underneath all of your crap and sees you - you - right to bone.  And when she carves all that away - when you work with her - you are at your best - free, unfettered, flying - because she gives you the permission to do so.  It's beautiful.' 

-Nilla Watkins

"Erin Cherry is one of the finest personal acting coaches around. Her dedication to the craft is impenetrable. And she brings the same dedication to her coaching sessions. She's meticulous and sharp when breaking down scenes but at the same time is also very personally connected to the artist at work in front of her. She always helped my work grow to a deeper place with specificity. I always leave her sessions confident and open with my full artistry to making the character my own. Very few teachers can guide you in that way. She's one of a kind." 

- Nalini Sharma

"Erin Cherry is an incredible acting coach.  She has a unique combination of creating a safe and nuturing environment yet also demanding the best work.  The result is a clear truthful audition that is ready to be brought into a professional room.  I coached w/Cherry for my Juilliard audition which resulted in my being accepted.  I wouldn't have gotten into Juilliard if it hadn't been for Cherry.  I am deeply grateful to her."

- Julia Ogilvie

"Cherry was absolutely amazing to work with as an acting coach! I went through the audition process on my own last year to get my feet wet and wanted to get a coach to make the most of auditioning this year. Cherry put the last touches on my pieces ahead of auditioning. The best thing she did was always offer great energy, amazing advice and notes that took me to the next level. Cherry is phenomenal to work with and I would recommend her to anyone. It was great that she had a very flexible schedule and could meet me on weekends. If you choose to work with Cherry then you will not be disappointed."  

Choice: ACT, and was accepted into program. 

-Leonard Thomas


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